Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team MSL’s Misison?

To improve your child’s basketball fundamentals and athleticism to give them the best chance to make their high school basketball team!

Why Team MSL over AAU programs?

  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – All Practices & Tournaments located at St. Nectarios Church: 133 S Roselle Rd., Palatine.
  • A local program committed to developing local players ONLY!
  • Supports all park district, feeder, junior high, and high school programs
  • Emphasize individual development and increasing athleticism
  • Only work with players who feed into the 12 mid-suburban schools and Saint Viator
  • ALL coaches have either played, coached or currently coach in the MSL
  • Develop local friendships and rivalries
  • No weekend commitment! WE PROMOTE MULTI-SPORT ATHLETES!
  • No travel!
  • Affordable

What does Team MSL emphasize?

  • Individual development
  • Fundamentals and increasing athleticism
  • Positive coaching

Do You Have a Refund Policy?

Refunds will be given 100% in full up to the start of the first practice.  Refunds will not be given once practices have started as a result of staff hires and rental space. ** If practice sessions are canceled due to Covid-19 circumstances, full or prorated refunds will be given depending upon number of practice hours canceled.

Why does Team MSL only work with Mid-suburban league players when AAU programs will take anyone?

  • The entire staff is current and former Mid-Suburban league coaches or players.
  • Committed to helping improve mid suburban league basketball
  • A large number of staff currently teach and coach at MSL schools

What schools do Team MSL players represent?

Conant, Schaumburg, Palatine, Fremd, Barrington, Prospect, Hersey, Wheeling, Elk Grove, Buffalo Grove, Rolling Meadows, and Saint Viator.

What MSL schools did Team MSL coaches attend or coach?

Palatine, Fremd, Saint Viator, Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Conant, Elk Grove, Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg

Why does Team MSL run a developmental program as opposed to traditional AAU?

  • Focus is on individual development
  • Proper instruction from experienced high school and college coaches
  • AAU has too many mismatches, unorganized, inexperienced coaching, and too many zone defenses
  • No weekend commitments, which promotes multi-sport athletes
  • No weekend travel
  • All games and practices are at Harper Community College in Palatine

Why does Team MSL play interleague tournaments?

  • More competitive than AAU circuit
  • Coaches determine teams and individual matchups
  • IHSA certified officials
  • More teachable moments for the players

When should my son or daughter begin traditional AAU basketball if interested?

We believe any AAU basketball prior to high school is counterproductive. All players need to develop the proper fundamentals in order to play competitive basketball at any level. Most AAU basketball, prior to high school, is filled with poor coaching, and the emphasis is on the number of participants as opposed to appropriate player coach ratio. There is no need for any athlete to participate in costly AAU programs prior to high school. They need to be involved in developmental programs that stress fundamentals. If your son/daughter is fortunate enough play varsity basketball or beyond, get advice and guidance from your high school coaches.